Camp Fiddlehead

Here is a story I wrote in 30 min writing,

In a little town in the Adirondacks, four children made a ‘town’. It is a little ‘town’ that the children built and operate. It has three restaurants, a police station and a postal service. They have a friendship with the adults so they have three cabins and a boathouse that they can use. Two cabins for sleeping and one for eating, grouping and playing. They use the boathouse for storing their boat as well as using the adults boats to get to the main town where they can get Ice Cream and food. The little ‘town’ is called Fiddlehead. The restaurants are called Owl Bar, Eye Grub Kitchen and Party Pop. The Police Station is called Fiddlehead Police Station and the Postal Service is called The Adirondack Mail System. The ‘town’ was only created this past summer but some stores have been there for a while. The Owl Bar has been there for a few years, the Eye Grub Kitchen has been there for at least five years but has not been open for all of it’s years. It had been created, ran for two years and then has been closed until just last year. There once was a hotel but it closed because it got damaged and was never fixed. The police station, postal service and Party Pop didn’t open until this year. Not one letter has been sent, not much action at the police station and not one customer has come to Party Pop but that’s usual to all stores for the first year because they are still setting up. And all only opened in August, a few weeks before packing up and leaving as summer ended and the leaves started changing colors. It is a summer town meaning it is only open in the summer due to where it is. It is only boat accessible and in the winter it is extremely cold and snowy and the lake freezes extremely thick. The General Store pretty much closes and so there is barely any food and no Ice Cream. The four children have a great time and take care of the town and so it looks nice. The town has no buildings but a lot of work and patience is needed to have fun in the town. The four children’s names are, Hugo, Jack, Wyatt and Sadie.