The Next Week

This week was goo(d). I had fun setting up times for Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology and then making planners with @beths10 (Beth) and @muffinsthecutest (Iphy). I got braces on this week and so I’m still learning how to eat around them. We were supposed to go to the Met but Mel was out sick so we went to the MOTCONY (Museum of the City of New York), I had never been so it was cool and while we were there we watched a 28 minute video about the history of New York which was really¬†good. Japanese started up again today, Hardy is doing really well and I learned how to make butter. I now want to know how to make cream cheese. Iphy (@muffinsthecutest) and I are thinking about starting a newspaper and I am excited. That’s all for me!


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