Monday 3rd – Friday 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe we have reached the last blog of the year!! The year has gone by soooo fast! We only have basically 3 days left because on Thursday we will be going on an all school beach trip and we have the picnic on Friday. I am just going to finish off the year with one of my boring blogs and then completely change it up. Ok so on Monday I did Set the Week, Research and Hide and Seek Tag. On Tuesday I did Math, Cook Noob, Werewolves and watched the Magic School Bus. On Wednesday I did Writing Time, Geogussr, Kahoot, Bang and went to the park. On Thursday I went to Governors Island. On Friday I did Check-in, Change-up, Japanese, Anatomy/Physiology, Poker and Focused Blogging (which is what I meant when I said Blogging all year).
That is it and goodbye for the summer!!