Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st!

the Second To last week of School!!

Oh my it is the 31st of May and we only have 10 days of school left! This year has gone so fast! But now onto the basics as usual. I’m getting quite bored of this, but I can’t change now! I would never be able to do that! But on the good note I only have 1 more blog (maybe two) before the end of the year.

Well lets get started! So on Tuesday (because there was no school on Monday because it was the only Monday we get off in the whole year! I had a great time with that extra Monday though.) I did Math, Cook Noob, Werewolves, made slime and watched the Magic School Bus Rides Again! Then on Wednesday I did Writing Time, Ceogussr (I have spelled it wrong because this is what I see on Trello) (Geogussr), Board Game Time, ALF Games, Chemistry and had Ice Cream. Then on Thursday I went to Moma. And then the last school day of each week (at least in the US), Friday, I did Check-in, Change-up, Japanese, Poker a n d Blogging!!!!!!!!!!

Hugo ?

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