Visiting Week

This week I visited ALC as a visiting student. I did many things while I was at ALC including button making and researching. I enjoyed doing many of the offerings including Park Trip, Philosophy (taught by Even), Math, Writing, Rock Climbing and Improv games (taught by Iphy). The Facilitators, Ryan, Chuck, Mel and Abby, were nice and helped me with many things throughout the week. My week was great, I did a lot I would never do if I hadn’t come to this visiting week at least. I moved to London two years ago for my dads job but the project he is working on is starting to be built (because he is an architect) so we are moving back home and we are thinking of me to come here in September. Even though we were living in London we knew we would be moving back so we didn’t sell our apartment. It was very convenient that we live in the same complex as Timothy because we could get a ride to ALC with him every morning. We also got some valuable information from them too.  I love the school and the teaching/non teaching and really want to come to ALC.